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Conditions of Use
Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use
Put here your Conditions of Use information.
1. Validity
2. Offers
3. Price
4. Dispatch and passage of the risk
5. Delivery
6. Terms of payment
7. Retention of title
8. Notices of defect, guarantee and compensation
9. Fair trading cancelling / non-acceptance
10. Place of delivery and area of jurisdiction
11. Final clauses

Terms of sale and delivery

Prices are in Euro without tax. Prices are marketprices, tax not included. Price level is free and we keep the right for change.

Delivery is ex works or franco, or on separate arrangement. Express or bring-in-fares are not included. Transport principally is on risk of receiver.

Ordinary package is free.

Package-unit = VE is marked on article or in catalogue. Normally we keep the right to deliver only in units.

Within 30 days net, or by separate agreement. Delay-interest 1% per month.

Normally promptly from stock. We try to keep to seperate arangements of delivery but without obligation. If delivery time cannot be met we are

out of any obligations and refuse any payment or making amends. We are also totally out of any obligation in case of disasters, machine damage,

strike, war etc. We principally keep the reservation of title of all our deliveries until payment is completed.

Measures, desciptions and pictures of our products are without obligations and we keep the right to change them without announcement.

Articles on special order, not specified in our catalogue, specially made on design or sample are totally in the obligation of the customer.

If these articles do not refer to patents or protected samples or any other rights we are out of obligation as well.

We keep the right to deliver more or less - cancelling is not possible.

Complaints, tranport damage are to be declared in writing to tranporter and are accepted only 8 days after.

Goods with demonstrable damage of material and production will be replaced for free if redelivered free of charge. If goods are not used properly

or according to purpose we are out of any obligations - the same applies to storing and service not according to operating instructions. Further

claims will not be accepted, especially refund of damages unrelated to our products.

Ordered and delivered articles cannot be returned without seperate agreement or written confirmation. This is not possible for season articles. Return

is to be franco and with declaration of date of bill.

Confirmed orders can be cancelled if not delivered on time or within accepted additional delivery time.

All other obligations of customers are only accepted, confirmed in writing, by HIMMELBERGER ZEUGHAMMERWERK LEONHARD MÜLLER & SÖHNE GmbH.

Place of court Wolfsberg, A - 9400 Austria

Place of court Wolfsberg, A - 9400 Austria

ATTENTION! The only method of sharpening cutting tools is using a water-cooled whetstone, edges being sharpend in convex line.

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Best seller
Bricklayer-surface-hammer, ash-handle (1500g)
from 58,80 EUR
plus. 23% Tax excl. Shipping costs
Beaver-axe, ash-handle (800g)
from 51,24 EUR
plus. 23% Tax excl. Shipping costs
Craftsmen hatchet, universal, ash-handle (800g)
from 14,02 EUR
plus. 23% Tax excl. Shipping costs
Splitting-axe "Beaver", ash-handle (1200g)
from 34,59 EUR
plus. 23% Tax excl. Shipping costs
Beaver-axe, ash-handle (1200g)
from 57,27 EUR
plus. 23% Tax excl. Shipping costs
Drag-wedge,steel with ring (19cm)
from 18,31 EUR
plus. 23% Tax excl. Shipping costs
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Shovel,pointed,pressed, hard-wood-handle (1200g)
from 13,32 EUR
plus. 23% Tax excl. Shipping costs
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